OgleOgle lets you create, collect and share everything you love.
About OgleOgle

OgleOgle — Ogle: to look at especially with interested attention — allows you to express your ideas through rich wall cards that take seconds to create and are easy to collect, comment upon, and share (on OgleOgle and to other social networks).

What is OgleOgle?

OgleOgle lets you create, collect and share everything you love. OgleOgle is a project from 7 Technologes that began as an experiment in recipe search targeted at foodies for the purpose of providing food lovers a platform. Following the lead of the community, OgleOgle has since evolved to be a service where people connect over shared interests expressed through beautiful cards which are organized into wall groups.

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What are Walls?

Walls are collections of cards you can post with content of your interest – when you see a post you like on OgleOgle, ReOgle it – to your own Wall or to a wall to which everyone on OgleOgle contributes (comming soon).

screenshot of a Walls Page

Follow users to tune your OgleOgle feed. By following a user, you are expressing affinity with that content or the people posting that content. Over time, your following feed will show you posts from the people you follow and provide opportunities to follow new, related content and people. Are you a foodie? If so, visit the Food Category to see posts on food and connect with people who share your passion. Is football your thing? Create a wall of cards about your favorite team and others will likely join in. From food to football; animated gifs to animals – you’ll likely find the topic on OgleOgle and enjoy connecting with like-minded people.

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What are Wall Cards? How do I create one?

Wall Card is typically an image found on the web and annotated with titles and captions. OgleOgle makes it easy to create a beautiful card you’re proud to share. Simply use the Add Card to create a Wall Card with image you like – your selection will be automatically added into a compelling card in just seconds.

screenshot of creating a post in OgleOgle
Do I have a profile page on OgleOgle?

Every OgleOgle user has a profile page which is created once you’ve signed in on OgleOgle using your Facebook or Twitter account. Your profile is easily accessible from the main navigation bar.

Do I have a Dashboard page on OgleOgle?

Your dashboard gets created when you register on OgleOgle, your dashboard is easily accessible from the main navigation bar.

From your dashboard page, you can:

  • See all the cards you have created
  • Manage the walls you have created
  • Manage the people you follow
  • See who is following you
  • Update your profile information (picture and bio)
What is my following feed? How is it different from the freshly ogled feed?

Your following feed shows you only posts from people you have chosen to follow. The freshly ogled feed features posts from everyone on OgleOgle and is a great place to hang out to meet new people or learn new things.

How does OgleOgle work?

The OgleOgle post creation experience is powered by Windows Azure; we use Microsoft Windows Azure platform to host our application. When people want to express themselves on OgleOgle, they look for great content on the web and share the results in the form of a card. These results can be images, WebPages or videos (coming soon) found while simply browsing the web and shared with the OgleOgle community (the OgleOgle bookmarklet makes this easy to do). Cards can be ReOgled and #tagged (coming soon) to aid discovery and discussion.

What is the OgleIt Bookmarklet and how do I use it?

The OgleIt bookmarklet provides an easy way to share a link on the web to OgleOgle. Click Here to add the OgleIt bookmarklet to your browser.

Can I use my own images to make a rich post? Does OgleOgle have photo upload?

It is fairly simple to use your own images to make a rich post, Just use Add card feature and click on Upload button

If the images you’d like to post are accessible through a public link, as is often the case with file storage services such as Skydrive, simply paste the link to the web page where images are into the Add card page then, select the images you like to create your card.

Is OgleOgle data public?

Your post and any other data you post to OgleOgle may be viewed by all other users. In addition, data publicly posted on OgleOgle can be used by other entities and individuals.

For more information please read our Privacy Statement at Privacy Policy.

Can I delete my data in OgleOgle?

Yes. You have options ranging from deleting a single card, or wall, or your entire account. Deleted data may however have been included in data sets shared with third parties; deletion of your data from OgleOgle will not delete entries from such data sets. For more information please read our Privacy Statement at Privacy Policy.

Can anyone join OgleOgle? Does it cost anything?

Anyone can join OgleOgle; it is free.

Does my OgleOgle data appear on Facebook?

No, not unless you choose to share to Facebook (comming soon).

OgleOgle uses Multiple services for authentication, or sign in: Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and few more OpenAuth providers.

If you choose to use Facebook authentication – which means you use your Facebook account to sign in – your name from Facebook will appear in OgleOgle by default.

By default we do not post any content from OgleOgle into your Facebook stream. If you choose, you can post content to Facebook using the share to Facebook feature in OgleOgle.

Does OgleOgle compete with social networking and search sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Bing, or Google?

No, OgleOgle is an experimental project at 7 Technologies with a minimal set of features that combine social networking and search for the purpose of enabling people to express and share thier interest, ideas through rich visual cards, organized into walls.

How do I get the cool OgleOgle t-shirt I see in many of your profile pictures?

OgleOgle t-shirts are available for purchase here.